Surprise Day 3 Embie Update

Yesterday we decided that we couldn’t wait until day 5 to hear an update on our embryos. I called the RE’s office and requested they call today with a 3 day update. Although I feel like I am entitled to this update I did feel annoying asking someone to call us…but I got over it quickly.

So today we got the call from our RE updating us on the status of our little guys and gals.  Of course we missed the first phone call and when I checked the message it was from a Dr. not a nurse. My heart stopped. I thought oh my god…something’s wrong. How sad is that? A Dr. calls to give me an update and I automatically assume all of our embryos are gone.  We had to wait over 3 hours for the second call, not that this isn’t stressful enough already.

keep calm

But, we’re happy to say the news was good.  We have 11 of 11 embryos going strong.  Eight of them are in a perfect 6-8 cell range, and the other 3 are just a little bit behind. The runts of the litter.

The Dr. was really nice on the phone and we also learned a little more on how things went down with fertilization.  She explained that of our 16 beautiful follicles, 13 had mature eggs.  And the 11 embryos came from successful fertilization of that baker’s dozen. 🙂

Sunday is a big day.  This is the day when all the healthy day fivers will be biopsied for PGD and then frozen down.  We’ll find out the news on that on Monday.  So for now, we’ll enjoy the weekend as much as we can as we anxiously await the next step.

Thanks for checking in!


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