Waiting is the name of this game


YAY! The nurse called and left a message because of course I was in a meeting at the exact time she called! 11 out of  our 16 eggs fertilized! This is really great news and Mike and I are thrilled. It’s crazy to think we have 11 little babies hangin’ out at Columbus Circle. 🙂

Today I’m feeling much better and I’ve had minimal cramping and no signs of OHSS. (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome… Google it, it’s no joke!)

What now you ask? Let the waiting game begin. My Dad always use to say “hurry up, hurry up, hurry up aaaaaannnnnd wait”…I totally feel like that now. Right now we are waiting for our day 5 biopsy (Sunday) before they will freeze the embryos that have survived. Then they will test those to see what if any genetic defects they have. Then they will call us on Tuesday to let us know what we are working with. Stress…

But for now…my heart smiles because we have 11 little embryos. 🙂

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