24 Weeks!


How far along: 24 weeks!

Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 12 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Wearing my maternity leggings a ton still because it is so damn cold here & lots of drapey tunics. It’s been hard getting dressed these past few days because the belly is SO MUCH BIGGER! I have some dresses for Spring but buying new maternity clothes is just not in the budget and wearing non-maternity clothes is getting a little ridiculous, so I’ll have to come up with something until this weather starts cooperating.
Sleep: Sleep is touch and go. I was always one of those people who needed “9 hours of sleep every night” or I couldn’t function. It’s crazy how your body begins to adjust and you’re able to function on less and less sleep. If I don’t eat a large enough dinner you can find me at 3:30am on the couch having a snack watching Bravo.
Best moment this month: Our Babymoon to the Bahamas! This trip was so needed and there is nothing I would rather do than sit on the beach with my husband and relax. See pictures below.
Worst moment this month: I am happy to say I can’t think of one! Things have been great.
Miss anything: Adult beverages.
Movement: Now we have all sorts of movements & Mike can feel and see the baby kicking!
Cravings: Blueberries, strawberries, cereal, egg quesadillas that my brother-in-law makes, and water .
Queasy or sick: Still feeling really good. I get a little uncomfortable at night when my belly is stretching.
Looking forward to: Heading up to Boston and seeing family, friends, and all the snow up there!
Okay, so the Bahamas was amazing and even though it was a little chilly a few of the days, we spent almost all of the time by the beach or pool. Hey, I’d rather be bundled up by the pool than inside.
photo 1
Leaving on a jet plane.
photo 5
View from dinner at Cafe Martinique.
photo 4
Mike exploring in the aquarium.
photo 3
Dinner at Graycliff Restaurant.
photo 1
Lounging by the pool.
photo 5
Hanging with #50, Rob Ninkovich
photo 4
View from our balcony.
photo 3
My handsome stud muffin of a husband.