Cousin fun and a playdate at the bar…

Last weekend Charlie’s cousin Keiks came into the city to have a lunch playdate! The girls played kitchen all morning then we headed out to have some lunch. We were the only people in the restaurant which was awesome and rare. The girls were angels as usual 😉


Daddy was exhausted after the playdate too…


Mike had to take his last Absite exam for residency this past weekend! Woohooo! It’s just one more step to us being done with residency. To celebrate the residents get together every year after the test and this year we brought the kids…to the bar.


These girls had a blast eating fried food/cheddar bunnies, running around and dancing to inappropriate music.


Of course there was coloring. Even at the bar…this girl LOVES to color.

I told you last week she loves to color so much we are working on coloring paper and not walls and furniture. Sunday afternoon we spent some time cleaning the walls and toys that she has decorated.


img_3481She now loves the magic eraser.