2017 Christmas Card

So now that our cards are out the door to family and friends, I thought I’d share pics used for our Christmas Card!


10.29.17morton-108 (1).jpg

We did a mini session with a photographer I found on Facebook. I feel like mini sessions with multiple little kids is great because they last 20-30 minutes which was about all Charlie had patience for. She wanted to go “cwimb” at the “pwayground” which was a few feet away. Mental note for next year: don’t pick a location with anything exciting nearby. The downside of a mini-session is that you only get a hand full of pictures, so when your bangs look like they do above (what is happening with them?!) you just roll with it. 😉

Here’s a pic that didn’t make the cut but is super cute of my energetic girl…


…which reminds Mike of…



8 days to go until the big guy comes and I have to get my you know what together.


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