Leggo My Eggos – Sweet 16

After my first needle free day in almost two weeks, it was back to the RE office for the big egg retrieval.  We were the first case of the day, and arrived bright and early just before 7AM.  After checking in, I was whisked backstage to prepare for the proceedings.  At the same time Mike went upstairs to prepare his “fresh specimen.”   I hear the provided entertainment was quite sufficient.

Meanwhile, I met my doctor, the nurse, and the anesthesiologist (who was late because he was pulled over on the way to work…not kidding).  Everyone was super nice and before I knew it I was out.  They tell me the whole procedure took about 15 minutes, but I remember none of it.  After I came to my senses, the doc let me know she retrieved 16 beautiful follicles, and was very happy with the result.  So are we.


Now we anxiously await for tomorrow’s phone call when we find out how many of them were successfully fertilized.  In the meantime, I’m resting up in bed while my fabulous husband cooks me dinner.  Protein, fluids, and prunes are the name of the game.

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