BFZ…Big Fat Zero



That’s how many embryos we have to transfer. BFZ! In the infertility world we use acronyms to describe things happening in our infertile lives. For example DH is darling husband, AF is Aunt Flow (you can probably figure out what that means), BF stands for big fat and is usually followed by positive (BFP) or negative (BFN) when speaking about results of a pregnancy test. However, we received the devastating news that we have ZERO embryos to transfer so I have cleverly created the acronym BFZ. BIG FAT ZERO!

Here are the results we have so far: (embryos are numbered after fertilization)

Embryo #1: Affected with cystic fibrosis, chromosomes normal.

Embryo #6: Cystic fibrosis carrier, trisomy 2.

Embryo #10: Cystic fibrosis carrier, trisomy 3.

Embryo #11: Affected by cystic fibrosis, chromosomes inconclusive (poor DNA/ “chaotic”)

The above four are conclusively a no go for transfer.  But the fun doesn’t end there.  While the next two have results that are less definitive, nonetheless, still nothing suitable for a uterine test drive.

Embryo # 2: Incomplete result but no cystic fibrosis mutations conclusively detected, chromosomes “chaotic”.

Embryo #5: Negative for delta F508 mutation (one of our cf genes). Chromosomes “chaotic”.

Another fun infertility word I’ve learned is “chaotic” and I’m still confused as to what they mean when implying our embryos are chaotic…I’m assuming it’s NG (not good).

Thanks for all your support and we will update with information as we get it.

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