Keeping Busy.

So I have a cold… and this is what this week has looked like.


Many women, whether they are infertile or not, go through the glorious time period known as the two week wait. It’s hard to keep your mind off of the impending day (Friday) when we will go take a blood test to determine if we are pregnant or not. We decided to take the planning of keeping busy out of our hands and turn it into a little game. We wrote activities on popsicle sticks and when we were bored or stressed we picked one out and did whatever it said…

photo 3 (3)

photo 4 (3)


My favorite was baking a pie. I don’t bake…but Mike does. 🙂

The next time I write we will be updating you with the results from our blood test and beta (hcg level). Thanks again for all of your support. xo

2 thoughts on “Keeping Busy.

  1. i love that popsicle stick idea!! consider it stolen :)… i’m crossing all my fingers and toes and my husband’s fingers and toes for you guys! and the cats’ too. we have 3. that’s a lot of crossed digits :). best of luck!

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