did I catch a niner in there?


Do you believe in signs? I do.

  This is a picture of The Solow Building located at 9 west 57th Street in Manhattan. I usually pass this building in a cab on the way to my RE’s office as well as my acupuncturist office which are both located on 57th street. The other day I was heading to acupuncture and the traffic was horrendous so I hopped off the bus and started walking. Those of you who know NYC know sometimes walking is just faster. Along the way I passed 4 middle aged women trying to take a selfie in front of this 9. They were laughing and joking that they all couldn’t fit in the picture. Instead of just walking past I stopped and asked if they wanted me to take it and I was greeted with a roar of “YES’s”. I laughed along with them snapped a few pictures and kept on my way. It made me feel good to take the picture for them, to help make that memory. I’ve seen/walked past the 9 before and never thought twice about it. Later, I thought about the 9, wondered why they wanted to take that picture and why there was a huge 9 outside of a building but,  never looked it up.

We just got the call that 9 made it to biopsy!!! Is it a random coincidence? You decide, I already have.

Our RE isn’t a talker and their office isn’t the most informative so I only have a little info to share. He said that 9 were biopsied, 7 on day 5 and 2 on day 6. They are BC and BD grade however they use their own grading system for embryos so we don’t really know what that means. I mean the waiting for the call and then the lack on info we get from the call is enough to kill me BUT we got 9! And now we’re hoping for lots of normals

So now we wait… 7-10 days.


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