Retrieval is tomorrow!


Tomorrow at 8am is our retrieval…ahhhh.

What is a retrieval you ask? I’ll be put under a local anesthetic and then a thin needle is inserted through the vaginal wall under ultrasound guidance to aspirate the follicles and retrieve the eggs.  The eggs are removed from the follicles through a needle connected to a suction device. Next Mike’s “specimen” will be combined with my eggs to make embryos. Once the embryos are fertilized they will then grow for 5 days at which point a biopsy will be taken and the embryos will be frozen.

We will find out 1 important thing tomorrow:

  1. How many follicles were retrieved. This gives us an idea of what we are working with. IVF-ers want a large number but not too large. I want 21. If too many are retrieved that usually means they aren’t mature or won’t fertilize.

Saturday we find out 2 important things:

  1. How many follicles contained mature eggs.
  2. How many fertilized. I want 16.

The important thing to realize during IVF with PGD is that ultimately our embryos need to be tested. We need a large number to be fertilized and grow to day 5 so that they can test a bunch of embryos.

Ask, believe, receive.



2 thoughts on “Retrieval is tomorrow!

  1. I saw on instagram you had 24 eggs retrieved! That’s amazing I hope you have many many embryos to use. I wanted to ask you some questions about PGD, this round we also will have to have PGD done 😦 I wanted to see what clinic you were using since you are in the Boston area? I am from Western Mass, and curious if we might be at the same clinic. I found you through instagram, you had liked my fund raising picture my user name is mnterpin. Anyway, best of luck my fingers are crossed for you both. ♥Molly

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