Climate changes and caffine cravings

Today is day 5 of our stims (17 days total on meds this round) and we have our first check-in appointment tomorrow am!  Mike is moonlighting and historically I can not sleep when he works nights. When I say “can not sleep”,  I mean pop a Benadryl and still toss and turn all night type of CAN NOT SLEEP. It’s 11:15 and I’m usually passed out by 9:30 so it’s looking like I won’t sleep tonight. I’m gonna go ahead and assume Benadryl is a no no while IVF-ing.

So…hi. 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone. Let’s see, I started taking 20IU of Lupron on June 25th which gave me headaches, insomnia and hot flashes so I now know what menopause will feel like. Good times. We decided to give up caffeine this cycle which contributed to the headaches and also proved how addicted I was.

Confession: : I may or may not have stood outside of a Starbucks today just to smell the coffee. Sick, I know.

My name is Lex and I was am was addicted to coffee.

FYI my husband is a saint for dealing with me and my moods through all of the above.

U P D A T E…
How many days in: 17
Shots given and amount: Lupron 5IU (first) Gonal-F 112.5IU (second)  Menopur 75IU (last)
Shot time: 9:10
Side effects: Hot flashes, red belly
Queasy or sick: No.
Black and blue: Yes, both sides
Not looking forward to: Trying to sleep.
Looking forward to: Our appointment tomorrow and seeing how the follicles are responding to meds.
I’ll leave you with something I have been telling myself a lot this past couple of weeks.

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