Day 2

ecard 2
How many days in : 2!
Shots given and amounts: Gonal-F 75IU (first) Menopur 75IU (second)
Shot time: 8:30pm
Sleep: Fell asleep soon after my shots, I swear these drugs make me tired and I slept great!
Side effects: I woke up with strange neck pain. I was fine while laying in bed but the second I stood up and gravity kicked in I was in pain. It felt like a stiff neck however it wasn’t my “neck”. It hurt on both sides from my collar bone down to the top of my chest and my lower scalp area. I walked to the grocery store and picked up some fresh yummy food (more on that later) and the walk seemed to help. The pain only went away after I ate breakfast.
Queasy or sick: No
Black and blue: Nope!
Not looking forward to:  Tonight’s menopur shot. Those bad boys HURT! To make matters more interesting Mike and I are attending my school’s Auction tonight which happens to fall between the hours of 7-9 when I take my shots! Now it makes sense why the Dr. told us to not make ANY plans during this time.  The plan: The Auction is only three blocks away from my school so we are dropping the meds off at school and putting them in the fridge. We’re leaving the Auction around 7:30 and taking the shots at the school and then going back to the Auction. Never a dull moment. 🙂
Looking forward to: My appointment on Tuesday to see what our progress is. Mike is coming with me and we are both excited to hear what our eggs are measuring.

I’ve been reading a lot about diet during IVF and I went to the store today to get us some fresh veggies and fruit. I don’t plan on changing our diet that much but maybe cutting back on pasta and beefing up on greens and fruit.  Mike isn’t thrilled about it but I’m also switching us to whole wheat pasta for these few weeks. I’ve also been drinking a ton of water lately and although I use the restroom every 10 minutes I feel like I have a lot of energy.


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